Viewmusic is a sync music catalog & music supervision service specialising in great music for film, TV & advertisements. Led by producer Yuval Shafrir we focus on working with artists and bands who’s music has a strong visual sense and a pronounced atmosphere. Our catalog runs across diverse genres from ethnic world music to post punk instrumentals and from semi electronic trip-hop to catchy indie rock songs.

We love complicated projects !!

That’s when our ability to mix music supervision with expert and creative music production shines and lets our clients benefit from both worlds. In order to do that we run a fully equipped recording studio in tel aviv with state of the art recording equipment and great vintage musical instruments.



Yuval Shafrir

Producer & Music Supervisor

The Israeli Cinema & TV industry started evolving quickly in the early 90’s following the launch of commercial TV in the country. This also triggered a huge growth in the advertising industry creating the need for professional creative providers to cater it. One of the dominant talents of this new era is Yuval Shafrir, a multi gold and platinum awarded music producer.

While the Israeli Cinema, TV & Advertising industries were booming, leveraging the local innovation to generate global success, Shafrir was developing his skills as a soundtrack music producer and music supervisor for Israeli blockbusters like “Pick a card”, for which he won the Ophir Award, and it’s title song “Rain”, for which he won the Best Arranger of the Year award.

Shafrir’s music production and music supervision experience covers a wide selection of film & TV content. From popular features to indie documentaries such as “To the south”, all the way to commercials and election campaigns. He supervised, produced and co-wrote the music  for the 1992 successful campaign for the election of Yitzhak Rabin, composed, produced and supervised countless TV ads for global companies like Nestle and Orange, and for the biggest Israeli brands, including the iconic commercial for Castro, a global fashion brand from israel, featuring a cover version Shafrir produced for Radiohead’s “Creep”.

Throughout the years Shafrir kept producing albums and playing with top artists in the Israeli Rock’n’roll scene, working with The Flys, Fortis Bros, Where’s the Kid, Yirmi Kpaln, Dana Berger and many others. His production style is experimental and innovative, ranging from minimalistic albums to all-star productions. From his studio in the heart Tel Aviv, he brings a vital, diverse and artist-oriented approach, believing in the power of intent and in the potential of real music to reach the love of many.

Selected Discography

Where’s the Kid? – “Sugar time”

Yirmi Kaplan – “Yirmi Kaplan & The Flowers”

The Fortis Bros. – “Cop, Crook & the Whispering Giant”

The Flies – “Bzzzz”

Sheigets – “Stop eating cakes”

Fortis – “Hachaver ani”

Yehudit Ravitz – “longing”

Gidi Gov – “If we were”